Problem updating iphone 3gs to 4 3

Some people are reporting the same problems, if not worse after updating to 3.1.3 from 3.1.2 or earlier i Phone OS versions.

Previously, many users updated to 3.1 software so they could take advantage of MMS functionality on AT&T and found that an unwelcome side effect was shortened battery life on the i Phone 3GS.

i OS 6 doesn't make the i Phone 3GS any slower or more difficult to use than it was before, which should be good news to anyone who keeps theirs around as a secondary or backup phone—indeed, it's pleasantly surprising how many of the refinements and improvements make their way down to Apple's oldest-supported piece of i OS hardware.

However, that hardware has been surpassed so thoroughly by other i OS and Android handsets at this point that it's difficult to recommend it as a primary handset.

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These numbers measure the number of seconds starting from when the app icon is tapped and ending when it becomes usable: Most of the results are well within the margin of error, with the exception of Mail, which consistently took around an extra second to launch.Features from older i OS versions that didn't make it to the 3GS are still not present in i OS 6: these include location-based Reminders (i Phone 4 and newer), Wi Fi Personal Hotspot (i Phone 4 and newer), Face Time (i Phone 4 and newer), Air Play Mirroring (4S and newer) and Siri (i Phone 4S and newer).These missing features generally don't change the operation of the phone—they're simply not present.(If you have a newer phone and would like to see how this works, you get the same interface if you use anything other than "current location" as your starting point when getting directions.) Otherwise, Maps on the 3GS brings all of the changes it features on newer phones, including Yelp reviews, the revamped interface, and the lack of integrated public transit directions.Aside from the growing list of features restricted only to newer phones, the i Phone 3GS actually gets most of the new OS's tweaks and refinements—i OS 4 set expectations low on the i Phone 3G by excluding some of that version's best improvements, so it's nice to see the older handset so well-supported in this case.

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