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On a first date they will tell you about their last dysfunctional relationship because you’re a nice person and will understand. Nice person or not, in their next interview or on their next first date, they’ll be saying the same things about you. From In the short run it seems easier not to deal with them at all and just do whatever they were supposed to do yourself. One of the reasons these vampires are so difficult is that most people deal with their passive tantrums passively, by absolving them of their responsibilities.

(To learn more about the science of a successful life, check out my bestselling book here.) Okay, we have met the enemy — and it’s never their fault. This approach ensures that the next time there is something difficult to be done, Histrionics will again handle it by not being able to handle it.

The strategy is simple and almost foolproof, but it is seldom employed.

Passive-Aggressive Histrionics have the frightening capacity to deny any but the most superficial and attractive thoughts.Tell them it is truly awful that space aliens stopped them from taking care of that task they committed to. From Your words must reflect an understanding of their view of the world, rather than demanding that they accept yours.These vampires live in an alternate reality where their thoughts are pure, their motives are selfless, and all their mistakes are caused by misinterpretation.Now how do you get them to do what they should have already done? Otherwise, we now have passive-aggressives dealing with one another.And while that might make a fantastic SNL sketch, it’s not something you want to be a part of. They have a lot more practice at this than you do.) So be direct about what is expected and let contingencies do the work.

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