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You can like members but unless they are in premium, there is no way for them to know that it is you who have expressed interest.To make the most of the website and match with others, it suffices to say that shelling out cash for Gold membership is needed.But if Islam is central to your identity as a Muslim, and you want to make it a central part of your relationship as well, you need a different kind of dating app.Here are three of the top niche Muslim dating apps you need to try this year for a different kind of online dating experience.In Muslim culture, it is perfectly normal to have family and friends involved in one's quest for love.Being a niche site that deeply believes in Halal love, family and friends can create a profile and find the best match for you and vice versa.On average, the website receives up to 40,700 unique visitors every day.

Having high star ratings will notify others that your profile is detailed which will then, of course, generate interest in your direction.

Only 14% of the male respondents answered that they are looking for someone within 10 years of their age while just over 2% have expressed that they would be okay with a 20-year age gap.

For a website that has over 2.5 million members worldwide, one major setback is having little to no means of contacting others on a free account.

Conversely, 96% of the female population opted for an older husband.

Interestingly, 75% of the members would prefer their potential partners be within five years of their own age.

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