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In either case, you'll get an error message saying something like you cannot restore to the selected firmware.

You can read more by googling SHSH blobs, digital signatures, and cryptographic hash functions.

There is a step during any restore where i Tunes checks with Apple servers verifying that the firmware file (even if you downloaded it from google) should be installed.If you haven't used these when 5.1.1 was available, there is no way you can now restore to 5.1.1. This is the same situation I experienced with i OS 5 when I was using a 3GS.These tools and methods are not supported by Apple anyway, but they don't necessarily involve jailbreaking. Once I upgraded to 5, the phone was as sluggish as a snail uphill.To avoid it, we strongly recommend Data Kit i Pad Data Recovery to you.It is an efficient data recovery tool for restoring i Pad without i Tunes.

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