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Hello all, I wish to install ffmpeg on Red Hat Fedora Core 7 - which rpm shall i download on this list? Also, anyone of links for tutorials and How Tos for the above Red Hat version?And finally, what does it mean if i don't have "dag.repo" in my "/etc/Sorry if that was less than totally useful.

HTHseeing as fedora 7 is nolonger supported the repos will be disappearing livna is still there with a rpm to install the reop.I suggest you do: su - make uninstall from each of the folders that you manually installed that way.Then go to Firewing's blog or even another FAQ like: sure to explore that site for lots of great Fedora 7 help. And the Fedora forums as well as the Fedora specific forum right here at LQ have a wealth of information that'll help you. Linux is MUCH easier, but you need to spend a brief period reading in order to understand how to use these things.[ note that was for metatags] i joined this forum especially for the cause of saving peoples time with this fc6 problem.the solution is two codes note - you must be root to do this type "su" into the terminal [without quotes] and then your password Livna Fedora Core 6 rpm -ivh Core 5 rpm -ivh Core 4 rpm -ivh I can't understand what it does, but it works!

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