Sabrina dj dating terabrite

Our band consists of my girlfriend, Sabrina Abu-Obeid and me, DJ Monopoli.We call ourselves the “Two Piece Band Living in You Tube Land” due to the fact that there are only two of us creating the music of an entire band, and everything we do ends up on You Tube in some way.would sound like in a pop punk or rock format and blended together perfectly in one 7 minute mashup?Terabrite is a band from made up of two very talented people including Sabrina Abu-Obeid and her boyfriend, DJ Monopoli, based in Melbourne, Florida.I managed to master VEGAS Pro within minutes, not hours." -Joo Choi, VEGAS Creator, short filmmaker Check out some of his work at Joo Choi Films.Member of the web famous music group Tera Brite who began by making intros for other You Tube creators.The duo has a highly successful You Tube channel for their band where they release originals and lots of unique music video quality covers of the most popular songs today.This time around they did their take on not just one song but the entire Taylor Swift , in full, which can be seen by clicking on the song names below after the Reputation mashup!

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We started dating and of course the next logical step was to start a two piece band on You Tube right?

I ended up messing around with it and learned a bunch of things myself while making a bunch of very FX heavy videos with my friends and even made a video for a school project that played on the morning announcements.

Since I really age web here, it's my are sabrina and dj from terabrite dating plan as of now.

So, how does a video-savvy band with quick music production skills find an audience on You Tube?

We also intend to prove to the world that times are changing, technology is a very important aspect of being an entertainer, and it’s not unrealistic to think you can base it all around technology and succeed.

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