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Whether you want to protect yourself from your girlfriend, your wife or a date it is always good to have evidence of what happened.If there are any legal downside related to the recording of people in your country, I would like to tell you there is nothing worse than being accused of being a rapist or a sexual predator.From what we have seen it is required to be quite close to the person you talk to in order to have a good audio and understand the conversation.Most of the time, if the person is 6 foot from you, you may not hear this person.If you move, your interlocutor will see it your intent.Some of those alarm clocks have a loop recorder which is really useful because you don’t need to start the recording.You just need to extract the recording when you think you caught something important “on tape”. Eyeglasses are really good if you wear some because usually when you talk to a woman, she is not far away from you.Wearing eyeglasses with spy cam is great to record a conversation and also film the behavior of the woman in front of you.

Don’t only record your interactions with women, also store it in a safe place.A New Zealand infosec consultant on holiday with his family in Cork saved them all from being livestreamed by a hidden spycam in an Airbnb by a) being good and paranoid and b) knowing his way around a network scan.You can see all seven of them smiling up at the webcam in this 1 April Facebook post from Nealie Barker.Buy several of them because those spy cams aren’t as reliable as pro HD camcorders.Also, if one spycam can’t record the audio it is useless.

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