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However, having anger issues, Jake breaks this rule a few times, and even gets exposure on You Tube for his mad fighting skills.

As the tension between him and Ryan mounts, Ryan's ex-girlfriend Baja starts dating Jake.

When he moves to a new town, he encounters an arrogant mixed martial arts bully who challenges him to a fight, Jake loses.

He then trains with a Brazilian teacher, Roqua who insists that there'd be no fighting outside the classes and the gym.

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In fact, it probably could have been much worse, but thanks to solid performances from Hounsou and star Sean Faris, not to mention some kickass fight sequences, “Never Back Down” succeeds as a mildly entertaining update of "The Karate Kid” for the You Tube generation.Though the film has its share of nagging issues (what happens when someone accidentally dies during one of these non-sanctioned backyard brawls?), “Never Back Down” is the kind of movie that if you blink, you may miss the story.The plot that does exist is entirely predictable, but it’s also not the point.The acting is better than expected and the fight sequences offer a welcome jolt of testosterone to the usual melodrama of high school politics.

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