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When you add people to your friends list, you can automatically see who is available to chat.Below follows a summary of free online chat services, chat apps for mobile and chat software for pcs.Bleep has the following characteristics: One Team is an instant messaging and internetbelprogramma that is specifically aimed at business users.It ensures that colleagues can communicate with each other on a tablet, smartphone and desktop.

Because of this, there can be no infringement on the privacy of the users by a central server to crack.

Pidgin is the new name for the very popular free instant messaging program Gaim.

The advantage of this instant messaging program is that the many protocols it supports, and not contains advertising.

Because the data locally to be exchanged are also more difficult to intercept.

Retro Share has the following characteristics: Miranda IM is an open source instant messenger for Windows that lets you in on different instant messaging networks at the same time can log in.

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    Still, to find the like-minded people, you have to pay attention to choose one of the best networks.

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    If an applicant doesn't send a picture, the application goes to the bottom of the pile.