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Take pictures of him and then threaten to show them to the world by posting them online. Make him give you all his money and leave him nothing to live on for himself. Make him be on his knees and worship their male bodies and how he wants to take their spunk down his throat. Show him pictures of muscle-bound hunks with tans and rippling biceps and then make his comment on his own flabby, balding, sweaty pasty physique. Make him plug his ears so he is deaf and then shout and insult him and he won’t have a clue what you are saying about him or have him wear a blindfold and then do things to leave him wondering what you are up to. Don’t let him stop and make him get hard again straight away and cum again. Instead, make him shove a dildo up his ass and massage his own prostate till he ejaculates. You will piss yourself laughing as his face drops while his orgasm slips away without him getting any satisfaction. Deny him the right to touch himself and instead make him sit on his hands and watch as you enjoy a nice, long wank yourself.He will need to survive on basic foods with precious little for heat or electric19 – SING. This is even more humiliating if the song has actions. The outline of the bra will be extremely humiliating for him to have so be sure to constantly point it out during your femdom webcams session. It is especially humiliating if you make him listen to you masturbate and orgasm while he can’t see and/or hear you26 – FORCED FOOD EATING. Make him place a bar of soap in his mouth and hold it. Repeat till he is crying and begging to be allowed to stop. Make him sit the whole time till you cum loudly 47 – IGNORE HIM.The ultimate in orgasm denial If you are looking for more ways to incorporate jerk off instructions online then check out our link and see for yourself the many different ways to have an orgasm control cam show Read our blog post on – Female Domination Terms9 – ADULT BABY. Talk to him in baby speak and make him respond in kind. For added humiliation, have him carry a squeaky dog toy and squeak once for yes and twice for no.How to have bondage in a webcam session11 – ORGASM DENIAL.If you are a sub who uses live femdom cams then there are no end of ways you can be humiliated by the powerful women online.The mean bitches online at this webcam domination site have wicked imaginations and sadistic personalities and they enjoy the degradation and humiliation they inflict on you.2 – ASS WORSHIP.

For added humiliation, make him beg to eat it and then thank you afterwards. Make him attach clothes peg to his tongue and then talk to you till he is drooling all over himself. Then make him smudge it in and then scoop it off and eat it. Give him contradicting commands that are impossible to please both of you. Make him stand up and laugh at him as he gingerly tries to sit down. After the plug has been up his ass for a while, make him suck on it and lick it clean. Make him sit in silence while you file your nails or read a magazine Stephanie made to drink gallons of water then punch herself wearing boxing gloves48 – CUM CUBE. Next session, make him take them out and then suck on them slowly till it is all gone 49 – NAME CHANGE.The clothed female, naked male is always required and being nude in front of a cruel Mistress will make him humble and more subservient.Don’t let him cover his privates to add to his humiliation4 – SPH.Keep him like this for as long as you like 12 – COLLAR HIM.Make him wear a leather slave collar and snap a padlock on it. Make him show you how he would lick every inch of your leather thigh high boots.

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