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A note to all the guys out there: If you want to meet women and have satisfying, intimate, mature expieriences and relationships with them where you have great sex and also great communication, do not buy a sex doll that can pretend to talk to you. I hope not, but I want to hear what others opinions are as well. Dan is a teen advocate for comprehensive sex education based in North Carolina, a blogger, music lover, and high school activist.

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This stigmatizes and marginalizes some forms of gender and sexuality.

IF you cannot get the embedded video to work, you can watch the clip here).

Because, as Colbert said, Touche, Stephen…I am LMAO, if I dare use a acronym such as that in a blog post.

Especially if the only thing you do with the robot is f** t? Plenty of down to earth human beings, no robots there…

Just inspiring minds, thoughtful content, and richness of issues being covered.

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    Chat rooms are a safe way for adults to meet online and see if they click.