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Not only does she know the true value of good car snacks, she'll come with playlists prepared and the stamina to sit behind the wheel for hours on end, with no need to worry about highway hypnosis. There just isn't another state that has the kind of pride that Texas inspires.

We grew up driving, like, four hours to grandma's house and then back again at night — we can handle a road trip. It doesn't matter if you stay in Texas your whole life or move away eventually, a Texan is always a Texan.

In light of those realities, Texas education commissioner Mike Morath is recommending students begin learning about reproductive and sexual health in age-appropriate ways as early as kindergarten and understand “sexual risk avoidance” by the end of middle school. Abbott says he won't challenge GOP incumbents, a departure from 2018 “How health education is framed is very important,” read the recommendations for updating state’s 22-year-old standards.

It adds, “merely teaching health literacy is insufficient to result in behavioral change and positive outcomes.” A team of educators will now suggest edits to individual state health education standards to the State Board of Education, an elected body known for engaging in culture wars on social issues.

AUSTIN — Abstinence has long been the backbone of sex education in Texas, but this summer state officials are suggesting teachers should also be having conversations with children about contraceptives, sexual and gender identity, and how to say no.

Texas has the fourth-highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation, with above-average numbers of students reporting they have sex without condoms and engage in other risky behaviors.

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Although teen birth rates have shrunk over the last three decades, Texas ranks fourth-highest in the nation.

In 2017, Texas reported 27.6 teen births for every 1,000 girls aged 15 to 19 years old. On Express Texas Legislative declines to expand Medicaid coverage for new mothers The report recommends a focus on healthy relationships.

Nationally, that rate is 18.8 births, according to the U. Education about bullying should begin in third grade and continue through 12th grade.

Teachers must devote more attention to abstinence from sexual activity than to any other behavior and present it as the preferred choice for all unmarried students of school age.

But local school districts also have the power to shape the sex education curriculum, and can go far beyond that if they choose to do so.

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