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Psychotherapy can be difficult but transforming work. When you feel ready, join me in a journey of healing; tell me your story.

I am committed to creating a warm and empathic environment with you as we work together to explore your choices in developing a life path that works for you. How are past experiences affecting your life today?

"""I offer you over 20 years of experience in giving warm caring guidance, offering direct insights into how you might improve the quality of your life. Don is author of "Loving With Passion", holds a Ph. in psychology and is a life coach, hynotherapist, UCLA-trained sex therapist, professional speaker, licensed marriage and family therapist.

He had a past TV show ("Love University") and is an internationally recognized expert with numerous appearances on both television and radio.

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My philosophy is simple: if it's consensual, and it's not hurting you or your partner(s), your sexuality and all that it entails (your fantasies, experimentation, whatever turns you on) will be supported, nurtured, and listened to without judgment.""Are you living in a sexless relationship?I will be creative in joining you to design solutions.""I devote my work to hearing and understanding your experience as a unique individual in the world.I will be creative in joining you to design solutions.""Are you living in a sexless relationship?I work with clients to explore how unresolved issues from the past impact the present.In an open and safe environment, we explore authentic feelings and lost aspects of self often censored in general society, toward greater personal insight, growth, and change.

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