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See that list of names at the bottom of the story or online.The release by the Archdiocese of Washington of priests deemed "credibly accused" of sexual abuse from 1948 onward — along with the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Washington, D. archbishop, following criticism of his handling of child sex abuse cases — falls short of what critics say is a comprehensive list.Finan Ordained 1959Abuse first reported to ADW 1996Removed from ministry 1996Arrested and convicted 1997, 2003Died 2013 Roger P.Gallagher Ordained 1954Abuse first reported to ADW 1992Removed from ministry 1992Died 2012Edward T.Schaefer Ordained 1953Abuse first reported to ADW 1967 (temporarily removed, evaluated and treated, cleared for return to ministry)Additional abuse reported to ADW 1982 (temporarily removed, evaluated and treated, cleared for return to ministry 1983)Permanently removed from parish ministry 1986Nursing Home Chaplain 1986-95Removed without faculties 1995Arrested 1995; convicted 1996Died 2009 James A.Scott Ordained 1966Abuse first reported to ADW 1986 (temporarily removed, evaluated, cleared for return to limited ministry 1987)Hospital and Nursing Home Chaplain 1987-95Faculties removed 1995Removed from Clerical State 1996Died 2013Timothy F.The posting includes an initial list of 57 men posted in 2002, along with additions of those later accused, and priests named in a grand jury report released by the Pennsylvania Attorney General in August 2018, who either had an assignment in Maryland or were accused of engaging in sexual abuse of minors in Maryland. C., archdiocese — which includes Montgomery and Prince George's counties in Maryland — released similarly accused priests.

The man CNN labeled one of the world's most powerful Catholic leaders as mentioned prominently in a grand jury report identifying more than 300 predator priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses, including 99 from the Pittsburgh diocese.None of the men listed are in ministry in the Archdiocese of Baltimore; some have died and some have been laicized.All have had their faculties to function as a priest in the Archdiocese of Baltimore permanently removed. Benham Ordained 1963Abuse first reported to ADW 1979Removed from ADW ministry 1979 (treated and cleared for return to ministry)Accepted assignment Diocese of Columbus, OH 1979-85Abandoned priesthood 1985Arrested and convicted 2005Removed from Clerical State 2005 Salvatore F.Hartel Ordained 1962Abuse first reported to ADW 1995Removed from ministry 1995Arrested 1995; tried and acquitted Died 2013William E.Krouse Ordained 1973Abandoned priesthood 1987Abuse first reported to ADW 1996Arrested and convicted 1996 James V.

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