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Rekindling the spark in your love life when you’re over 50 might not be as easy as it used to be, but it’s not a far-fetched reality. Yes, I understand how frustrating dating probably has been for you.

The senior dating scene has its fair share of crazy scammers looking for a nurse…Read More You’ve gone on 14 first meets and you’re done. I copied and pasted the scammer’s message into the white block for reporting fake profiles. The copy is almost always identical too, and goes like this: [Some guy] has found the love of his life…Read More Have you considered meeting a man in real life versus at an online dating site?

Sure, it’ll be a compromise, but she’s hoping you’ll be a constructive contributor. And yes to maybe sharing a few memes that he’d find funny.

People want their partners to have an opinion above all else. But no to having the restaurant send over a bottle of wine at his work dinner.

This is the #1 relationship advice site with a free, anonymous, expert Q&A advice forum.

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Find spots within your budget that have a unique factor and sell her on those—great ambience, live music, creative tacos. Offer up an honest excuse, if it’s reasonable, but you have to hope your kick-ass initial impression was good enough to overshadow your rudeness.

And we've all got questions about how to be the best for our relationships. Sometimes the outdoor element is all you need to satisfy any exhibitionist affinities. But women really do want their baby daddy to be involved in every step of the process.

Every month, Men's Health readers ask, and Men's Health resident columnist, Naomi Piercey, a real woman with a real job and a real point of view, answers. Personally, however, I’d go by this mantra: Sex next to the pool? And she wants you to get excited about the naming, too.

Pool water is not an ideal lubricant, and thinking about chlorine in all your sensitive parts is somewhat distracting.

Do a little research and list making and come to the table with names you like and why.

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