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Evacuation buses will be allowed to enter the camp after this aid is received, Khalidi said.

A second batch of medical aid and other non-food relief items will follow the first round of evacuations, the local council head told AFP.

They could visit a toilet, littered with excrement and cockroaches, for a few strictly timed minutes each day. Her interrogator knew she was an artist and had a special request for her: Draw hatred.

Tens of thousands of people have disappeared into such places, their families unable to learn their fates. “He gave me a pencil and a paper and forced me to draw,” she recalled.

The artist who drew her, Azza Abo Rebieh, was one of 30 women sharing a cell with Hiam in the Adra prison in Damascus. Abo Rebieh was on her own surreal journey through the Syrian security system, detained because of her art and her activism. Abo Rebieh got a call from an activist friend asking her to meet at a cafe.The captured ISIS extremist claims he was given three badly beaten women as a thank you from his depraved commanders for telling them his own brother wanted to leave the death cult.Abu Al-Mughaira Al-Muhajer, taken captive by the Al-Sham front in Aleppo, Syria, said girls are dealt like currency by the twisted terrorist group.Neighbouring Jordan has largely sealed its border in the area since 2016, after a deadly attack claimed by IS on Jordanian soldiers.Aid from areas held by the Syria regime to the camp – in a region where U.

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