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I will be the loyal sone even if my jessica's going to confirm her love relationship. Sully , Suzy , IU etc etc etc His fans are of all ages and he's not really an idol so it's not as exciting.I know a lot of fans don't like the focus being on his dating and not his career.

Tbh most fans didn't even get mad, the ones that did got angry because people were saying that they were dating, but had broken up and IU purposely released the picture out of anger but then changed her mind and deleted it.

Many of those who's worked with her, usually give her positive feedback.

She's always been seen as the CF Queen among idol females.

Like Heechul said many of us actively encourage them to date.

And we're all very aware that most if not all of the members are already doing so. A lot of fans were already aware that they were dating.

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