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Prices varies based on quality and rarity, but you can never go wrong with a preowned classic like 's 700MB ISO size down to 116MB file size, which is impressive as the game contains bits of FMV.You can also create your custom icons (144x80 PNG) and background image (480x272 PNG) for when highlighting the game file in XMB.They also bring a dedicated Night Mode to the Camera app, letting you more easily capture low-light photos, as well as QR code scanning.Galaxy S10 owners on T-Mo have been waiting for Night …In a court filing yesterday, T-Mobile responded to the state AGs lawsuit by arguing that Sprint has been steadily losing both subscribers and marketshare. [read full article] We’ve seen a few Alcatel tablets hit T-Mobile shelves over the years, and now it looks like another model is coming soon. Images shared by Evan Blass show a pretty plain-looking black tablet with “4G LTE” in its status bar and an Alcatel logo on its backside.Specs for the Alcatel Joy Tab aren’t included in today’s leak, but we can see front and rear cameras as …[read full article] T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint is facing a lawsuit from 16 state attorneys general who say that the deal will reduce competition, raise prices, and harm jobs.However, T-Mobile has argued that Sprint is unlikely to be meaningful competition if left on its own.

It’s now rolling out over the air, so be on the lookout for it. [read full article] Samsung Galaxy S10 owners, your wait is finally over: Night Mode is here.

PS1 games can be played via different screen modes, including original and zoomed (both 4:3), zoom (cropped) as well as fullscreen (squashed).

Because of the lack of dual analog as well as L2 and R2 shoulder buttons on the PSP, you may find some games to be pretty difficult to play.

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