Speed dating conversations

He or she shares product features, why you should buy, etc. Early in my career, I made sales calls I can only describe as formulaic and uninspired.

without consideration of what your specific issues are. I hoped that the person on the other line would just stay on the phone long enough to hear my pitch.

Most importantly, we see our practice as creative ways of establishing a more equitable cultural field.

Forbes recently published a story on research by Karen Huang, a Ph.

Selected by Open Call Organized by Noé Gaytan​/ Michelada Think Tank Cultural Equity Speed Dating is an activity that emerged out of Michelada Think Tank’s efforts to create meaningful relationships amongst the people in our networks attending our events.

Your questions show your interest in filling a real need that the buyer has.Participants sit directly across from another person.The host, taking on the personality of a gameshow host, will guide the participants through questions like “Are you an ethnic minority in the neighborhood where you live?While traditional speed dating aims to spark love by helping people find things in common such as favorite movies or similar music tastes, CESD seeks instead to facilitate blunt conversations about cultural equity to see where politics align.This activity began as an icebreaker at think tank events as a way to warm people up to talking about the difficult topics in the think tank.

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