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he TV news reporter kept asking everyone the same stupid question: “So, what are you doing here?

” A man dressed in a casual blazer and jeans whose name was probably, but not certainly, Doug (I was going by the handwritten name tag pinned to his lapel) smirked into a camera, leaned into a microphone, and said: "I'm on a Ferris wheel in the world's greatest city. " Doug's answer was meaningless but perfectly reasonable.

That thought didn't occur to me until later, because when you're busy chatting up a bunch of randoms on a Ferris wheel in hopes of finding the One, it impairs everything beyond a conversation-heart level of thinking. pinning Singles was a speed-dating mixer that could have easily been advertised as the world's most dizzying (and pink) group job interview.(Spoiler alert: it did not go well.) And what was up with that dude who kept approaching small bands of women with the line "Hey! " (That did not go well, either.) Before they jumped into a cab, Elliott handed me her "Let's Connect" card—her number scrawled on it in blue ink. "She said yes," he said with that big, dumb Matt Damon grin."We're going out next week." At the beginning of this blustery night, I couldn't help but look up at the Ferris wheel and see a depressing supersize metaphor: Love comes with a steep admission fee, spins you in the air, and then ends abruptly.Here's how it worked: The 90 participants—45 women, 45 men—were assigned a number, then packed six at a time into each of the wheel's 41 gondolas to engage in fun and flirty conversations while ascending into the night sky.Meet someone that piqued your interest and you were encouraged to slip him or her a contact card from a small deck distributed during an earlier orientation session. " printed on the front along with a space to write in your name and contact information.

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