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However, it is still a bit difficult to reach this place as it is not directly connected to other parts of Europe and America by most of well recognized international airlines, but if you take the pain to reach the city, you will really appreciate you decision in the long run.

Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is a beautiful country that boosts a diverse culture and extremely rich history.

In fact, the best places of meeting women in Lviv are the wedding, birthday and other parties.

Rynok Square: For last 500 years, the Rynok Square has been the cultural, historic, public, political and commercial hub of the city.Nowadays, the palace acts as one of the wing of Lviv Art Gallery and is the current home of the impressive collection of European art created from 14 century and it is the best vantage point of the modern Lviv in addition with being the birthplace of the city.The best time to visit this spell bounding place is sunset especially in winter when there are not leaves to obstruct your view.One of the most beautiful and sprawling of these cities is Lviv that is located in the western part of the country.Lviv is actually the biggest cultural center of the modern Ukraine but unfortunately, not many people know about this breathtaking city even in the Europe.

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