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You might be drawn toward Batman because you think you can fix him, I know how those maternal instincts work. I know he’s a hunk ladies, but you need to run far away from this one.

Although Mark Ruffalo’s most recent portrayal of the Hulk illustrates an alter ego that’s seemingly under control on the average day, he said it best in The Avengers: “I’m always angry.” This guy takes split personality disorder to the extreme.

If you can handle Thor’s faults and are capable of dealing with a long distance relationship and the fact that he probably has better hair than you, this hammer wielding hunk might be the one for you.He will undoubtedly leave you the moment he begins to feel some kind of peace.He’s seen as a playboy for a reason: defense mechanism.It is with great displeasure that I place my favorite superhero at the bottom of this list.The qualities that make him one of the most captivating and intriguing superheroes are unfortunately some of the same qualities that would make him a terrible boyfriend. When he dons the cowl, Batman carries the weight of the corruption of an entire city.

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