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They are now famous far beyond the country’s borders.

Armenian cuisine has many outstanding features that distinguish it from that of other countries.

Christian religion came to replace not only pagan gods and mythology, but also the architecture, art and customs specific for that period.

New Christian Apostolic churches were built, with different features and characteristics.

Every Armenian loves it without any special reason!

Check this article to know how Armenian culture has changed over the time!

Armenian culture is the term that defines the material and nonmaterial cultural heritage of the Armenian nation: dance, literature, food, architecture, customs and traditions.

Each of them has its own unique characteristics which are worth discussing in order to better know the Armenian nation.

The ingredients, use of vegetables, fruits, spices, also, complicated cooking techniques are all main features of Armenian cuisine.

Armenian food ingredients usually include Armenian flat bread (lavash), various types of meat, milk products (yoghurt, cheese), vegetables, fruits, and many other ingredients.

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