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They waited a little longer, until Mrs Top conceded that BUI and Joan had gone out for the day. fury, today traveling sales- A widespread air and water search hospital a at Uoydmlnster, 6ar.k tonight without • few hours after his Tiger Moth a clue to tne tug's fate. "The disappearance of the lug Is No airliners landed or left Edmonthe strangest tiling I’ve ever enton today due to the fog. It has simply vanished .duoed visibility here to half a mile. without a A Northwest Air Lines plane up but we are very worried.” Nearly a score of surface craft, carrying 30 person* from Commun Seoul. The distance be- though, once In a rare while native Say from the an tn egfbn of Seoul? 10 i*Y Mystery surrounding the du^ppearui-e nt the tugboat Barhem mid her crew of II deepened today alter an BUFFALO. Y.- , By II Mvsterv ; 1 his advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or bv the Government of British Columbia. christening yesterday because iha line holding the traditional ifoti.e of champagne broke at the critical moment. is gtva racelva I NO Christmas and New Years holidays The committee may member* *t U the ot pay for their service*, but they are of the before session matter* on other Oo\ eminent entitled under the Indian Inquiry raveling and other Art to claim the personal expense* Inrurred discharge of their duties committee were thoroughly familiar with Indian problems. former adju Canadian the Scottish 13,50 al ' W FRANC, S L1D MODERNIZE YOUR EYEGLASSES FOR CHRISTMAS m H» m M* ^ wa t* t* i» your eyes * looks by having us to m nos f? Grade A" hen turkev* were selling for 60 cents per poutyd at Seattle last week, and tom turkeys were listed at 50 cents. That was Russia's first condition for de- Those and the nrarrr the magic hour comes the more infectious am think, definite- Is, I it notice to failed objective Stalins chief war was paper, bubbling cannot have I mind I sing. OCtiar;i*ni line labnr Is tii Ia IIo JH Coriiand 44 44 40 VO 44. What Ap] fl|A L »l U«S *i impirmrnt wlrr m*a*ur* II Otrr Uirpw.

As they were leaving they noticed a neighbor leaning on his garden gate. Korea, confive aircraft and shore police com- ist-threatened Calgary after being unable blned to organize one of the broadest tlnued to here. tween la Ule-piped along and under women disport themselves for that Airport— Klmpo direction of shade of bright, sickly the floor. « 15-Denier Duplicate He Raton Crepe 711 YATES STREET - — Local Page 3 dhr (Colonist fiailif . It Is unlikely, he said, that it will be any IU finding* are to be reported to the Legislature. was eon meeting Included a aing-song conducted by past president Don Yea. ^a 1 f 8 * a good j fit your I present lenses into a modern frame. Price* included evisceration and removal of heads and leg*. That seems to me a misleading and unwarranted over-slinpllflcatlon. oughly Is Mao cannot have that Far East at the end of the Japanese attractive In you when you are downtown today, or during the rest of Notice the good humor Ihe week can know. 8ml Ui of 972 Heywnod Avenue, and his slx-month-old brother. t E L E To Uar Bfurur South 43 tlayr* 44 Tran«ac*" A val Ur.

the chambers had to be evacuated lor a county council meeting. the Clovemment board ha* insisted that workers must obtain a medical doctor’s permission Will you please dl-yall that numberrrr aguyun? at 717 Courtney Short talk* of Interest to aquarlst* will be given. The organization offered thanks —Colonial Hhoio , Plenty of prizes were awarded at Victoria Klwania Club annual Christmas party luncheon at Empress Hotel yesterday. -4R 'I piece* glass' Laige can slash automobile tires. He also chose the win- the Children taking part included: lan Mc Neil. OPEN EVERY EVENING UNTIL CHRISTMAS customers fection for which Canadian Rv« this has perfection recognised by the tell they us their income, with ' If for up appro- .y Distilled. motoring with an Austin Tamil \ and invite friendly, wlut appreciated our repayment plan— Finance. SEE HIM TODAY' WILTON MOTORS, Nanaimo OHS BROS/ GARAGE, Port Albornt t 8 Vktwria, (Tolm UBt Bfltlg 1C, Wed., Dee. CAUOnr A CAT HSR *d * Pt KX ON B-i SAMC MQOK t Ork MNl'tl 14 Cnk TAOwcrtt Vjjtr rfrrlat* Mature II % A mra Suv Hr, 43 41 il U'in. ja IHD1AH5 COMPl ETY U6 Su Omib M py t* Man do Iltulrly.

” largely M Como CUFF LINKS Association, said the decision made British Columbia the first province to gr«nt "full recognition" to the 1 ftorr-eee 19 beginning January 1. All those interested in tropical fish are Invited lo attend. Twelve large turkeys were among presentations made, along with many merchandise prizes. Tacoma, governor of Kiwanis Pacific Northwest district, headed list of guests and was among turkey winners. patch** of broom have been removed and burned op Beacon Hill, leaving ugly open spaces covered with faded Before the decimagrass and ashes . tion started several years ago, the sight of the knoll covered with golden broom flowers In the Summer was one of Incomparable beauty. '41 you need extra rash promptly any worthwhile purpose, we you to phone, write or visit dependable Household the office nearest you. Your telephone bnok hits ctale the full-bodied flsv-/ B. 20 1950 , "Thou find *P*a k Believe It or Noil Af Roaa bo*.' Windows «f . 41 44 bark to NIW YIAR tt»e small the spirit DINNERS S nirknamv * O^BAIDGE Auftix Owtf mound Tr r A * nriii of India IS Obunrt Tl 33 II H'uall run » 1 4 To ailaiak* Cuptil I ei*w Oolla'h Hl truck, it 1 The con- holds for us. The councils heaviest took it on a trial run to the spring* the company It oranga kept goodneaa you'ra ready to this word as we relationship with lore" deriving from the * of can rats pa make up u*i,«g up Uu mnt Jd. and -*• K» *W ••* m ^ ori*»* ^ m w Large Selection of had realized *2JI 36.

It returned later Ui rescue operations In the history of to land the day for another attempt and Great Lakes shipping. hours it went back to Calgary p Who the 6uf- CP.-Diriuc ever. vcyance *tn any footbome evacuation — the common perambulator. It Is simple enough, and indescribable nothing Is the only portion of Korea that there's otherwise but for pink, here vogue It has been the vet has even been examined— and gay In Seoul. Labor Minister John Cates under whose department Ihe committee Claim awarded musical phase of the lunch- tree S635 t*35 and harles A. In a rlty HUMMEL FIGURES Judgment agalnet Harry Langley handed down yeolerday In County I ourt Bm Uh. Appearing without counsel, langley maintained that the work had not been done In accordance with a contract and said that he had offered to settle for |«0. f Be up I g JEWELLERS w» cm n» wa t S in (\ j, n/W 1 I / \ MAYC0CK OPTICAL l He u now uiiached to tlw regi- Uon* yesterday in Vancouver and U ? North ver; Capt Vancouver and Chief William Scow, */ * diana was ap- Legislature en. not what cheer of alms, tic A often hear hapless woe: Hut sure with patience I can bear certainly a Chinese nationalist as well as a Soviet Communist, and Chinese nationalism can no more accept Russian overlordship than any other foreign overlordship. Little fellow won Ihe timely prize at a recent function of the Provincial Recreational Association. It IS 41 *1 Italy B'clgalanilral vaitmant urnuin* Anrlo aaioii F 34 -- r I Kltrnt nf land .

Thi* division was set up a few d«v* ago In response to correspondent*' requests, to provide guidance on security matter*. on con- “The agency sumers and buyers generally to report any price booeta which seem then ESA. re- flected official sentiment that such a meeting would prove profitable only If the Russian* agreed to talk about the whole range of East- West problems, not Just Oermany. Louis that his goal Is international peace— "the one The general refused important problem of our times." photographers’ requests to smile for pictures. mandatory Simultaneously, the Government asked West. Coast oil companies lo suspend an Increase of 25 rents a barrel In the price of crude oil and requested 40 major refineries to fore- On — face boosts will possible" employment. 19 Big Three Western foreign ministers gave final approval tonight to replies conditionally accepting a Soviet bid for a new Big Four meeting. —The Russia proposed November 3 that the Big Four power* get together again to discuss unification of Preliminary Oermany. Warm-hearted Mrs ^ her the big hello and invited her out to lunch at UBB- * visitor Along be quite it 11 Old all right. and Joan won't mind .* The visitor had never met her prospective host and hostess. Mrs, Top confided that she hadn t seen the people -No, but And actually around some friendly window. for grubby, pie-faced little fellows literally chant the excellencies of their wares. Top and cook ourselves some bacon and eggs who "Lets go It « With them went small ox -carts, must be i . Ottawa patholoquestions to replying from Roy don Hughe*, defence counsel, said lie did not believe the marks on the Toronto lawyer's head were oaused by blows heavy enough to shelter a soda bottle. Eric Fredln and companies who assisted with material for the drive J*y G 9824 650 W CORMORANT announced that the school closed yesterday and will re-open January 11. For their part there is no doubt about what the Princess Pats will do. picture with a purpose and It may or may not have any ‘relation That to reality. Sons of British Columbia have not let* 1950 end without considering this matter. But there are many signs that though Communism Is beyond doubt, tils Communism for him does not imply n complete subservience to Stalin. war on Japan: and her have given much satisfaction is good for — forth, the collective Joyous spirit. These factors were absent Yugoslavia had no Yugoslavia. Mao regards himself as an equal partner with Stalln in a great Communist alliance the present circumstances* the "West", and especially the United States, is China's "Enemy Number One". CRAIG FLOWER SCHOOL Obviously, one's answers to one’s decisions on questions, ly Mr. ” of peace envoy, sort between real Is can be concealed. MORE AMRITIOI 8 Final presentation was the SPOKANE. 19 NANAi— In world, where grain buyers’ man's best friend U his shrewdness, a bargain-wise mis* is pushing the men to the wall. feed dealers hand, so he cashed his spade queen and then led a heart toward dummy, hoping to guess right. however, he guessed wrong, up East returned tough deal, but he should buyer grain fledged You enjoy buying especially when you’ve "It's fascinating. There moment an official picture ®®^^^®and Inches forward, then halted: H i rgied again and I repeated the nmr*TUvre. I peered Impatiently along the line towards the ask EWER relationship the the two Communist great powers, bethe Sov e t Union and the Chi- mused, ! any Assessment of the Far Eastern situation—or indeed what mall Christmas Jgji j, a as Commentary of the world situation— one question forces Itself insistently forward. The faith and good will of Canada go with them as they approach the venture for which they were recruited. It seems probable they may see action earlier than their original training schedule anticipated. • mora She's Vee I The a by declarer had to contend with defence in the following have won out. Vou say the sun shines bright 1 feel him warm, but how can he must depend In some measure on the answer to this very question, which, as I say, Is no easy against i Union". He does not slm- Ikg Ues of policy lows that all Chinese policy Is simply a facet of Soviet policy and that the wrapping that thing call'd Light many many stout lady. Oak Royal at V and VI by Grades dramatics" pupils "creative of was School Without costume* or properties, acted the old ballad. Bar the Door.” and then dramatized a scene from a cur• rent comic strip. If South, after cashing in two club tricks, had run the diamonds and then exited from dummy with last is a sharp purchase or a good sale,” the at- and flour mills. It's a racket, this Christmas business, says everybody every year, at the same time packing the stores In Why? The performances followed reading and classroom discussions of the stories to be enacted. Buyers from Milwaukee to Los An Vee's geles know and respect a club, and after Weal had cashed his king, he threw dummy tn with the diamond and watted for the two heart tricks that had to be given to him. made what you think in ager of the Plaza Farmers' Union Vee was watching elevator, and grwln before she could add Cuibar Uon putting and porters.

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