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If you would like your dating question to appear on "Ask the Matchmaker" Click Here (Your real name will not be used) I really like "Tim" and haven't heard from him in two weeks now.

I'm worried that he's another guy who I like who doesn't like me.

Come be curious on how to become the best version of you. Have you ever wondered why when you do something nice for someone it can feel unappreciated. Or maybe you need him to help you with something&ellipse; But the important thing is your attitude and confidence. And turn the cell phones off (unless you need them on for your children).You will be fine even if he isn't interested in you. If you wish the profile form described you in more depth, it can't. Join me in this Meet-up and I will explain what these languages are and how they can help in all your relationships in your life....yes, even kids, co-workers and partners and future relationships. When we have an understanding of the 5 different languages, many things can start to make sense and the frustration we sometimes can feel can melt away.

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