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"What's been really great, we've had some shows in the past that were outdoor venues and with a little bit of wind we found that it really affected the show, because unfortunately people like to see crashes but they like to see success as well.So in the second half of the show, if everyone crashes the crowd leaves a little bit let down.

These are things you can't really calculate per se, and that's definitely the most risky. I feel honoured to be part of Red Bull and the stunts they put on. They modified and redesigned the space suit; I mean what company does better than NASA and whatever the space programs are in making the stuff? "Felix definitely was as prepared as you could possibly get and he knew the risks and consequences but still, even with that, he tumbled for so long I for sure would have passed out.

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Unfortunately we got injured through the making of the film.

"There is a lot of stuff we'd like to do, but with the amount of injuries sustained through this movie, although we had a great time we're like, 'Should there be a sequel? "Well it's the best of the best from every action sport, plus some sports that were Nitro-inspired like 'big wheeling' and 'land boogie boarding'. Some things won't be landing, some of the things will be a surprise to see land.

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