Tribes ascend closed beta is validating

While most MMOs on the market are content with the status quo, there is a diverging population amongst developers and players looking to break the holy trinity of healers, tankers and dps with a special focus on the healer.

In a nutshell, your user experience as a priest-like class boils down to what is essential digital whack-a-mole as HP pop up and down for your amusement.

Most people seem to be upset that no matter what they did, you still got the same overarching theme with only minor details changing through it. First, when people play this sort of game, they want to make a difference.

They want to be that line in the sand and dammit, you shall not pass. He was that only thing throughout the Halo series that kept the barbarians from the gates time and time again, and gamers ate it up. No matter what you did, it's lights out for the universe.

To keep you from chasing HP bars, some franchises rely heavily on cone and Ao E healing, usually watering down the skill it takes to play the class in the process. Other devs- like Arenanet -are trying to break the trinity coimpletely by delegating healing to self responsibility, not a central class/role. The modern MMORPG has serialized healbotting by design. Your other players know it and expect it the heals to flow without cessure. You don't need to dumb things down to Ao E and cone healing (a spell here and there won't hurt, obviously) You don't need to build up healing rage. The healer can no longer healbot due to the innate scarcity of resources, creating a more tactics driven game and one in which the healer is freed up to do other things... It doesn't have to be this way and you shouldn't have to have a healer to complete every instance.

I've never been a fan of reducing player options and feel this fundementally changes what an RPG is in the first place, but what are the options? The very first thing these games need to do is to eliminate heal spam. Sure, it may be a tad more difficult without, but hardly impossible.

The BV's still have some bugs, but at least all the armor circles are there and nothing has too many slots.Somehow Shepard is only able to summon the willpower to shoot the Illusive Man after he offs the other guy. This here-to-unknown AI conviently levitates Shepard to the only place in the ship where it can be defeated and proceeds to convientenly explain why it has been killing off the universe for countless millenia, but now it won't work because Shepard has proven the plan for naught by actually being there to defeat it.That's not so bad, but even in success, he still fails in his mission; unable to activate the final sequence as he lies bleeding on the floor. If you're a creative author at any level, this is the part where you start pulling your hair out because Instead of leaving him there, the AI brings Shepard up to recite his 'why I became an evil genius' story and present the man with the keys to his defeat.It is at the same download link, and is called mk27 now.This was the Mk27 version. CST Update: Lots of BV changes, a new variant (PV-2K), the fixing of the BJ2-OG G2 Blackjack, and the MUL at the back of the RS doesn't hide the first entry on the page anymore.

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