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He also deals drugs (including vampire blood) and eventually becomes a medium.He was killed off early in the novel series, but he was so popular that he was saved from death on the TV show.Similarly, Eric ended up having so much chemistry with Sookie that fans quickly soured on Bill and his moaning, and turned to Eric.This shakeup led to this amusing meme suggesting a drinking game where you drink every time Eric is cooler than Bill.He is kind of obsessed and not the kind that people found endearing (if there is such a thing).This meme takes an amusing look at this obsession by contrasting Bill's view towards Sookie with the approach that the Cookie Monster has to cookies on A problem that TV shows often run into is that they cannot predict which actors will end up having better chemistry than the ones they initially planned on putting together.When the series began, they seemed to be outright enemies, as Eric was far more violent and willing to kill than Bill and thus, Sookie seemed to have little interest in him.

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This led to this popular meme that just worked in various flannel-related jokes using the above image.Bill shouting out, "Sookeh" was the most imitated aspect of the show. Next to Bill, the most important vampire in the series is Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgård.The relationship between Sookie and Eric was a fascinating one to develop.Even though Bill and Sookie still had their own smoldering chemistry (the real life actors actually got married in real life), it became clear that Eric and Sookie had something going on in the show.When that started to sink in, fans couldn't help but compare True Blood to the most famous vampire story of the last decade, the took things to a whole other level by giving Sookie even more notable love interests.

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