Updating an old fireplace

You can also reface your red brick fireplace with faux rock panels that mimic natural stone.

They are easy to install over existing bricks to give your fireplace the look of natural stone without the hefty price tag that comes with real stone.

It was a bit messy, but with Matt squeezing the grout into the cracks and me following close behind to smooth it out and smear it on the bricks, it went pretty quickly!

The mantle was a really simple build made out of 1×6’s anchored onto a 2×4 that was screwed into studs on the wall, and the corbels were added partly for support, but mostly for decoration.

After cleaning the bricks, apply a paint primer formulated especially for brick.

Allow the primer to dry before rolling on an interior latex paint over the fireplace bricks.

Apply a second coat of paint after the first coat is dry.

After this project is done our living room will be so close to being “done” for now which will be a nice change 🙂 What do you think? Once all the brick was laid, we used lots of grout to master the “old” look of the brick.We tried a few different methods, but in the end the winning combo was as simple as using a grout bag (think cake icing bag) to fill in the gaps with a heavy amount of grout, and then smearing the grout into the face of the bricks using our hands.We also added metal tile edge trim around the finished hearth to make grouting and laying the floors much easier and cleaner.Once those were done, we started on the face of the fireplace.

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