Updating cygwin libraries esi testing techniques for tracing and validating requirements

For example, when using IPv6 on a machine only configured with IPv4, or when your windows firewall is blocking some tests, etc.

To attempt to install anyway, try to use the I'm a C/C /java unix geek by trade, but now I have to write a perl program in windows.

Cygwin/X is installed via Cygwin's Installer, either setup-x86_64(for the 64-bit version), or setup-x86(for the 32-bit version of Cygwin), and the installation process is documented in the Cygwin/X User's Guide.

Whether or not you already have Cygwin installed, you can add Cygwin/X to your installation by downloading and running setup, and selecting the 'xinit' package from the 'X11' category.

Please send notification of technical problems (bad html, broken links) concerning these web pages to the cygwin mailing list.It is therefore beyond the scope of the Cygwin/X User's Guide to document all of these X Window System components.To find documentation, for example, for setxkbmap one should consult the generic X documentation such as the setxkbmap(1) manual page.I'm a C/C /Java/Unix geek by trade, but now I have to write a Perl program in Windows.So I've got Cygwin, Eclipse with EPIC installed, and simple test programs run.

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