Updating google sitemap

section is repeated for each URL you want to include in the Sitemap file. A dynamic site (based on a database) has to create a dynamic Sitemap (generated and updated by a script, not manually).After Sitemap creation, it must be submitted to search engines (see below).But showing Google that you are manually activating Google services sends another green light to Googlebot, who is on the search for all the green lights it can find. Google makes no guarantees that submitting your URL will result in a crawl or indexing.Additionally, even if Google is able to render your website, having it fetched may not produce fast results.

Still, a guideline of 4 days to 1 month gives webmasters a small amount of comfort while they wait to see where their page will appear in the search giant’s results pages.A sitemap is defined as a simple directory or guide that holds information along with other details on web pages that are contained on a website, in addition to the content on these pages.Search engines will do their job in crawling a sitemap to find and identify all information that is applicable to a specific search query that has been performed.Web analytics are essential for business owners and marketers to measure and benchmark the performance of their sites.Business owners can use web analytics to set performance-based goals and determine where to invest their online marketing budget.

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