Updating host file in xp

But did you know that there’s a file on your Windows 10 PC that can override that?

It’s called your hosts file and lets you map specific domain names to an IP address of your choosing.

You cannot put port numbers in there, and there is no way to do what you want with generic OS-level configuration - the browser is what selects the port to choose. (Some firewall/routing software might allow outbound port redirection, but that doesn't really sound like an appealing option for this.) -You can use any free address in the network , in my case needed this for python flask and this is what I have done : add this line in the hosts file (you can find it is windows under : C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ) : I think that what you are actually looking for is Virtual Hosts functionality.

I use Apache so I do not know how other web daemons support this. Here is the Apache documentation: Apache Virtual Hosts examples Using netsh with connectaddress= did not work for me.

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which listens particular port (or do it with CNAME which provides Hosting company).No need to go hunting or launch the command line anymore.When you’re using Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, you’ll likely need to access files on your host (Windows 7) machine.It is most powerful solution and this is just a really easy way to keep adding new subdomains, or to add new domains automatically when DNS records are pointed at the server.Hello Spice heads i have an application which running locally and i try to make it working remotely and i managed to finish what needed .

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