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But the problem with IDENTITY columns is that you can only assign a specific value during INSERT using the IDENTITY_INSERT option. I would need a to create a new table, use IDENTITY_INSERT to copy over the rows from the current table, then recreate all foreign keys that refer to the old table so that they refer to the new table, then drop foreign keys referring to the old table, then drop the old table, then rename the new table to the old name. But I must admit, if you already have a table with an IDENTITY column, with rows, with foreign keys, it is already too late to switch to using a SEQUENCE, or at least you need the complicated plan, described above.

But in my case I generated a data warehouse house with bi GENi US, a data warehouse automation tool.

Yep it’s there, SQL Server has this very handy thing called Sequences.

Sequences are a relatively new feature that have only existed since SQL Server 2012, but have long existed in Oracle (where there a no identity columns). Per MSDN, A sequence is a user-defined schema bound object that generates a sequence of numeric values according to the specification with which the sequence was created.

Recently I used SEQUENCES instead of IDENTITY columns.

I was aware of their existence but there was never a need to use them .. Identity values of another system needed to be preserved, I know normally it is trivial if you should want this, but without going into detail, I can tell you this time it made sense. Picture credits: © Can Stock Photo / Andreus Using SEQUENCES made it possible to UPDATE the values.

This option is similar to the existing SQL Server Trace Flag 272, except that it can be set at the database level rather than only at the server level.

For each insert it assigns a new incremental value that is added to the identity value of the previous row that was loaded.

Note: after the field type IDENTITY, you declare the SEED (1), then INCREMENT Value (1).

Then I did an initial load, and then I wanted to set some ID’s right.

I added ID’s to Data Vault 2.0 hubs to use for SCD Type 1 Dimensions.

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