Updating military profiles

– In January 2017, Jun-K released his 2nd solo Korean album, “77-1X3-00”. – Family: Mother, father, an older brother (Nichan), two younger sisters – Nichthima (Yanin) and Nachjaree (Chereen) – His mother was born in Thailand to immigrant parents from China.– He was the 1st 2PM member who composed a title track for 2PM – “Go Crazy” (2014). – His father’s mother is from China, wile his paternal grandfather was born in Thailand from Chinese parents.– In 2009 he was the subject of enlisting and do his military service for Thailand, but he obtained an exception. – In 2011, he participated in the “We Got Married” show, where he was paired with f(x)’s Victoria. 3) – He acted in the Chinese dramas: “One and a Half Summer” (2014), “Looking for Aurora” (2014) – He acted in the web series drama “Magic School” (2017) alongside GOT7’s Park Jinyoung.– In February 2019 Nichkhun released his first solo mini album, “ME”.

– He studied at Dhepkanjana School and Tangpiroondham School (Thailand).– Family: Mother, younger brother (his father passed away in 2012) – He was born Kim Junsu, but on October 17, 2012, he announced that he would be legally changing his name to Kim Minjun (due to family reasons).– Was accepted both into YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, but he chose JYP. – He‘s friends with G–Dragon and Tae Yang of BIGBANG.pictures most frequently used by African scammers in military scams ALL PICTURES ARE STOLEN FROM INNOCENT THIRD PARTIES.In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana.

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