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The remove("2") method deletes an element from the list. Other datatypes Python has are Dictionaries, which are associative arrays, and a type called a tuple, which is like a list but cannot be changed. It is useful for short lived scripts such as typically used by web applications.

It allows the number of connections to be scaled as web site usage grows.

Frederic Try the following code to make it work: sql Command = sql Connection. In DMO you must create a COM object that exposes certain interfaces (Percent Complete, Complete, Next Media) and Atl Advise to a DMO restore object.

Command Timeout = 0; sql Data Reader = sql Command. I'm trying to make it so that I can get progress for TSQL commands for backup and restore just like Enterprise Manager does and I can't seem to get it to report the status until the end, using the above way, and NOWAIT doesn't seem to be valid on the Restore or Backup TSQL commands. @James Hancock: For management-type operations like backup/restore you want to use DMO (2000/native) or SMO (2005/managed).

Progress Status can be called from a thread which is not UI Thread 2. Execute Reader(); will block UI Thread until the stored proc execution is done.

SMO is much nicer, you register Event Handlers with a Microsoft.

If you want to use Python and an Oracle database, this tutorial helps you get started by giving examples.In the above example, the string value *one* is wrapped with two sets of SINGLE quotes instead of one sets of double quotes.The last single quote is the closing single quote of the SELECT query inside the Open Query() function. The example shows that if the table or field names include the dashes (-), you need to add double quotes around it.In this case, Oracle's Easy Connect connection string syntax is used.It consists of the IP of your machine and the DB service name "orcl".

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