Updating ps2 rosters

If you want practice squads, please use Live Seasons. Just know that I’ll need images of recent accessory updates. Why are some injury lengths much longer than what is expected?

What tools do you use to determine the weekly player adjustment changes? Are you open for suggestions from the community on equipment edits? Consistency is key, not just a one week on, one week off type of thing. I place a week length, but CFM throws a variable on top of it, based on toughness and injury rating.

I am also including instructions which should enable anyone to update the roster fileon a PC and import it back onto your PSP without it crashing during franchise mode.

The roster is updated to week 6 of the 2014 season.

BIN file which is 245kb.(It will be in a folder named ULUS10581016, ULUS10581017, 1018, or 1024.

Sometimes some extra time is needed and the roster releases on Friday (for example, week 1).Game film, highlights, watching the games every week and a handful of websites. Why are some injuries very different than what occurred?(I understand concussions and suspensions can’t be listed but players with a broken hand might have a broken foot listed instead.) There are only so many season ending injuries at my disposal.He will not answer any roster questions that deal specifically with CFM, so please keep that in mind. Players must be approved by the NFLPA before they can be added to a roster update.Then the player needs to be created from scratch, along with getting the ratings, salary, etc. Why did (insert player name) have a great week, but go down?

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