Updating site content type failed infopath

After doing some research on it I found basically this issue is due to inc in number of column promoted to library . when we publish Info Path forms with more than 30 column some time it take more than 30 sec(time taken for file to get copied into sharepoint site not the entire publish wizard) . MS have fixed this 30 sec hardcoded issue in SP2 of MS Office clients ( 2.and problem is here in infopath client process time out is hard-coded for 30 sec . If By any chance you cannot upgrade to SP2 then only solution for Is remove few promoted column till it publish successfully.or check for network speed if it is slow enough to increase the publish time more than 30 sec, switch to higher network speed. You edit the template, save and attempt to publish again and receive the following message - "Updating Content Type Failed"I've done some researching on this and found a couple of issues.Info Path is used to capture information and my work around is to reduce the information displayed. If you create a new form library, you should not have any issue publishing the form for the first time.You will be able to add all of your columns and publish the complete form.

So if you’re having trouble getting Info Path 2007 to publish to Share Point … I’ve been struggling for a few days with issues related to Info Path 2007 publishing to Share Point. I had tried publishing to a document library, as a content type, trying to modify content types, etc.I got a variety of error messages including “Updating the site content type failed”.The end user will still continue to see a single giant list.Here's the breakdown of what you can have in a list can have: 64 Single line of text and Choice (drop-down menu or radio buttons)31 Multiple lines of text and/or Choice (check boxes (allow multiple sections))32 Number and currency32 Hyperlink16 Date and time16 16 Yes/No8 Calculated Note: The number of shared data types are not 64 Single Line of Text and 64 Choice.

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