Updating tc35i firmware

The target device is not recognized as an updateable device during the reboot process.If this happens, the firmware update will not occur, and you’ll retain the firmware version you started with. If this sequence occurs, you cannot upgrade to this firmware version at this time, but you’ve done no harm to your system (or your data).Like recent firmware versions, version 070H has improvements over versions 000F which are specific for Windows 8 and new Ultra Book systems, although systems running Windows 7 and other operating systems may also see improvements.

It includes incremental improvements and refinements over these versions which may improve the overall user experience.If the firmware process is interrupted your solid-state drive may not function properly.UEFI-based Systems: During validation of this firmware update we noticed instances where our update tools do not recognize the SSD with some systems using UEFI.For end users, it is recommended if the user is experiencing or wishes to prevent an issue related to the following items.Version MU02 includes the following changes: Warning: Crucial recommends that you back up or make copies of all important files before installing this firmware update.

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