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A chapter in the series: How microbes ‘jeopardize’ the modern synthesis.” Some may ask: What is the “modern synthesis?

” The modern synthesis is the technical name for the classic view of evolution that has held sway for over 80 years.

But this view [random mutation] is being revised by discoveries of molecular mechanisms of mutation in bacteria, now translated across the tree of life.

These mechanisms reveal a picture of highly regulated mutagenesis, up-regulated temporally by stress responses and activated when cells/organisms are maladapted to their environments—when stressed—potentially accelerating adaptation.

I do not believe all current human genetic differences are due to mutation.Mutations can be bad or (theoretically) good, but they all involve some change in the sequence of letters (base pairs) in the genome.A single mutation can be as simple as a single letter swap (e.g.This randomness and lack of purpose is what infuses the modern synthesis with its anti-design characteristic.This is more evident when we consider that a human engineer would purposefully design an adaptable entity with an capacity to solve challenges rapidly and through regulated mechanisms that produce targeted solutions.

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