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Much of this data comes from CBET Circulars and occasionally more data will be provided on IAU's Astronomical Headlines page. = 41°19'19".40 Located 186".8 east and 190".9 north of the center of M31 (Discovery image) Mag 17.3:7/11 (15.9:5/8), Type unknown (References: CBAT TOCP) Nova M31 2019-07b? = 41°06'04".00 Located 501".0 east and 605".0 south of the center of M31 Mag 17.8:7/2, Type unknown AT2019lcd (= Nova M31 2013-05b?

CBET now has an M31 novae page, M33 novae page, and an M81 novae page. = 41°49'39".93 Located 943".8 west and 2011".4 north of the center of M31 Mag 16.9:7/13, Type Nova (References: ATEL 12953, ZTF observations) Nova M31 2019-07c? (= PNV J00432865 4106040), CBAT TOCP discovered 2019/07/02.678 by Koichi Itagaki Found in M31 at R. ) (= ZTF19abfqlzi) (= PNV J00425563 4114125) (= M31N 1960-12a), ATEL 5091 discovered 2013/05/29.033 by F.

As part of a long-term project to revisit the kinematics and dynamics of the large disc galaxies of the Local Group, we present the first deep, wide-field (∼42 arcmin × 56 arcmin) 3D-spectroscopic survey of the ionized gas disc of Messier 33.

Fabry–Perot interferometry has been used to map its Hα distribution and kinematics at unprecedented angular resolution (≲3 arcsec) and resolving power (∼12 600), with the 1.6 m telescope at the Observatoire du Mont Mégantic.

= 41°25'42".60 Located 408".8 east and 574".1 north of the center of M31 (Discovery image) (Xingming Observatory image) Mag 16.8:6/13, Type unknown (References: CBAT TOCP, Gaia observations) AT2019fyd (= XM11MZ), TNS discovered 2019/05/24.821 by Xingming Observatory Sky Survey (XOSS) Found in M31 at R. (= PNV J00424174 4116263), ATEL 12694 discovered 2019/04/26.106 by Hana Kucakova and Kamil Hornoch Found in M31 at R.

Corbelli & Salucci 2000; Corbelli 2003; Putman et al. The mass-to-light ratio (M/L) is an important parameter in the determination of the DM halo shape. High-resolution optical observations of a nearby galaxy such as M33 is complex in view of the large size of the galaxy compared to the small field of view (FOV) of high-resolution integral field spectroscopic instruments. High-resolution Hα RCs give a more accurate determination of the kinematical parameters for the derivation of the RCs and subsequently a more accurate determination of the mass model parameters.Its bulge and nucleus are the subject of numerous studies (e.g. The NFW profile, derived from those simulations, predicts a cuspy distribution in the central parts of the DM haloes (e.g. 2013), while observations especially of dwarf systems show more a core distribution (Oh et al. Those results can be explained by the gravitational potential related to the gas in those simulations, since the gas, which is important in the inner parts, is not accurately introduced in those simulations.Fukushige & Makino 1997; Navarro, Frenk & White 1997; Moore et al. Phenomena such as stellar feedbacks, galactic winds or massive clumps are not often well handled and reproduced (Goerdt et al.  This convention is YYYY-MMa, where YYYY is the year and MM is the 2-digit month of discovery, and 'a' is a lower-case letter (a, b, c, etc.) representing the order of discovery within that month. ) (= ATLAS19rmf) (= PNV J00423828 4113423), CBAT TOCP discovered 2019/08/04.577 by Koichi Itagaki Found in M31 at R.   Novae in the megellanic clouds are named with the year followed by a number. Pietsch's M31 (apparent) optical nova catalogue, M33 novae catalog, and M81 novae catalog Please note that I do not keep track of galactic novae.

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