Updating toshiba satellite bios

So I tried to updat bios in win10 didn’t work ( had An error message saying no bios can be flashed) so Toshiba tech support told me I should install win8 to try to run the update for the 1.4 bios from win8 instead of win 10 .Now the error I got running it is that : Power state is not safe for bios update please check AC battery status .This includes information about your keyboard controls, date and time information, and programming that lets the computer communicate with its processor.A BIOS update is usually performed by experienced computer repair technicians when a laptop's motherboard, or hardware is behaving erratically.I am having great difficulty with factory resetting my Toshiba Satelite laptop.I have searched and searched online on how to perform this factory reset and... Being around the IT field for a while, I can see how a lack of drivers can be a...I decided last week to upgrade my Satellite S850 series (PN: PSKFWU) to Windows 10.At first it seemed as though everything went off without a hitch, but after a while I noticed a few problems. Hi all, This is my first post on here so apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I finnaly true to look why and window support told be : you can’t run update because the bios is not up to date .

Each download is accompanied by the date each download was made available.

Double-click on the BIOS update link, and then click on the "Run" button once the Windows security warning appears.

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