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Alternatively, validation rules may be specified as arrays of rules instead of a single So, what if the incoming request parameters do not pass the given validation rules?As mentioned previously, Laravel will automatically redirect the user back to their previous location.Or, you may need two fields to have a given value only when another field is present.Adding these validation rules doesn't have to be a pain.To instruct the validator to ignore the user's ID, we'll use the method.

To conditionally add this requirement, we can use the Laravel provides a variety of helpful validation rules; however, you may wish to specify some of your own.

To quickly accomplish this, add the Sometimes you may wish to add validation rules based on more complex conditional logic.

For example, you may wish to require a given field only if another field has a greater value than 100.

The field under validation must start with one of the given values. If you would like to allow the field to also be Forcing A Unique Rule To Ignore A Given ID: Sometimes, you may wish to ignore a given ID during the unique check.

For example, consider an "update profile" screen that includes the user's name, e-mail address, and location.

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