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Since we don't want to do anything, I created an empty delegate. When the Dispatcher Priority is set to Render (or lower), the code will then execute all operations that are of that priority or higher. Content to something else, which will result in a render operation. Invoke, the code essentially asks the system to execute all operations that are Render or higher priority, thus the control will then render itself (drawing the new content).

I created a Tab Control and have the Tab Items in the XAML; with this scenario, Move Current To does not change the selected tab; if I call Tab Control1. Items[1] (to set it to the second item) then do Tab Control1. If I created the tabitems in code and put them in a Collection View, then Move Current To will also change the Selected Item (tab) and . If you're using Windows 7 (don't know about Vista), I have to change the Dispatcher Priority to Input (or lower) before it'll work. It does work, but only if you have one element in the loop. Also im surprised you need to do any of this at all, since WPF should automatically update the UI when a dependency property is updated (which Content is) To Xcalibur: The post discusses a way to manually force a refresh on a UIElement, given that the busy-code is running on the same thread as the UI Dispatcher thread.

All you got is a string property bound to the label. Second it could easily crash in a regular WPF app where the wanted refresh happen in an observable collection collection change event and the Refresh need to use the collection (iterate into it). Thanks :) If I place your code outside the 'public partial class', I get "Dispatcher Priority does not exist in the current context". It's around 5 years and people still benefiting from your help and i am no exception.

Let's say you want the label to say "Save Started" //do save then "Sae Completed"? If I place your code inside, I get "Extension methods M/B defined in a top level static class; Extension Methods is a nested class". I wanted to say thanks then I saw all of these comments.

So, I've decided to add a helper method to refresh a WPF control.

I really appreciated the Refresh method in Win Forms (which executes both Invalidate & Update), so I'm renaming my method to be Refresh as well.

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