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One control method validates only one control input at a time. Here is the final image for the Validation Summary as follows: Design Finally, the output of Validation Summary program as follows.

This control only verifies if the data is correctly entered for the input control. This control allows making the comparison with a value in one control with a fixed value or a value in another control. I hope this article would help you in clear understanding the Server Controls in ASP. After this, you will be familiar with validation event controls.

Furthermore, these characters can be metacharacters means if you make a combination of characters then it will be converted into meta-characters.

left: 364px; position: absolut; height: 23px; width: 178px" Error Message="Regular Expression Validator " Control To Validate="Text Box5 " Validation Expression="\w ([- .'] \w ) * @\w ([-.]\w )* \.\w ([-.]\w )* " This control event allows writing an application custom specific validation for both the client & server-side event.

Here, client-side control event comprises the property as Client Validation Function.

In this control event, you can provide a good user experience by the quick response on the browser side.

Once you try a client-side event at the user end, all the user data inputs validate the user’s browser.

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