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It also allows creation of spontaneous content, or the display of objects like books or magazines.We are using a Logitech C920 webcam mounted to a small tripod.As with a document camera or overhead projector, it’s easy to face out to the class while drawing on this monitor.The main drawback of this system is that it takes up a lot of space on the desk (26″ wide by 16″ high) and is quite expensive (retail is about k), so it represents a hefty investment.These buttons can be mapped to different functions based on the active software — I didn’t test them much, but for example in Sketchbook one button brought up the onscreen keyboard.Depending on your point of view, the lack of touch functionality is good or bad.The stand for the monitor is very adjustable, so you could have the monitor upright like a drafting table or almost flat.

For sending the webcam as an application, I used Evocam to display the image in a window and also to flip it since the camera is looking at the paper upside down.

The recordings here are done in Web Ex’s built-in ARF format, so you may need to get the free player from Web Ex to watch them.

Most people use Web Ex with “canned” content like Power Point or Acrobat.

The second test was using the whiteboard that is included in the Web Ex interface. The third test was using a program called Sketchbook Express, which we shared via Web Ex. One of the big pluses of the Cintiq22 is that the writing feels very natural and I thought it was much more precise than trying to write with a mouse or a finger.

Also, because you are writing on the surface of the monitor you get immediate visual feedback, as opposed to needing to write on one surface and look at another monitor to see what you are writing (maybe some people can do this well, but I’m not very coordinated).

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