Virtual chatbot

The free service was only offered to 10,000 people in the San Francisco area, who used it to do things like book restaurant reservations, change flights, send gifts, and wait on hold with customer service. Facebook’s goal with M was to develop artificial-intelligence technology that could automate almost all of M’s tasks.

But despite Facebook’s vast engineering resources, M fell short: One source familiar with the program estimates M never surpassed 30 percent automation.

What are the differences between terms like chatbot, conversational agent, virtual assistant, etc.?

At IBM, we tend to think of these things somewhat distinctively, and it largely has to do with the degree to which they engage the end user in solving the problem.

By adding an intelligent conversational chatbot for self-service, you will improve the customer experience and increase contact center efficiencies.

This presentation provides a demonstration on how to use an Amazon Lex chatbot with an Amazon Connect contact center.

He was previously the San Francisco bureau chief at MIT Technology Review, and wrote and edited technology coverage at New Scientist magazine in London.

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