Virtual dating games for iphone

As the Hamsan VR only supports phones up to 6.11 inches, it won't fit the larger i Phone XS Max but will otherwise work with a vast majority of i Phone models.The front cover is designed to be removed, which should help with heat dissipation so your i Phone doesn't overheat during longer sessions.It's not as fiddly to make as the unofficial ones, but it's still going to fall apart if you don't look after it because, well, it is made from cardboard.Still, there's no easier or more affordable way to jump into VR.So Zeiss' experience in making lenses and optics for everyone from Sony cameras to the medical fields puts it high on our list.This model has also dropped in price significantly.The DLX VR has a redesigned smartphone mount to work with more sizes of i Phone, as well as Android, headphone support and upgraded lenses from the first attempt. There are now a couple designs, like the iconic View-Master design with a modern twist and Ninja Turtle and Batman skins with bundled-in experiences.

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If your device does fit the bill, you'll also be able to make use of the focus controls and adjustable strap to help tailor the headset for your trip to the virtual realm.

Buy now: Amazon | .65If you need a headset for your i Phone but don't want the hassle of finding a pair of headphones each time you use it, Bobo VR has your back with built-in speakers pumping out 720-degree 3D audio.

If you want to take advantage of one of the cheaper options on this list and its impressive 120-degree field of view, though, you'll need to make sure your i Phone is between four and six inches.

You can get an unofficial Cardboard headset for under on Amazon, and with some of them you can get a strap and NFC so it powers up the app on command.

There's also the official Cardboard from Google, which is compact and foldable.

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