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For Each vso Shape In vso Select Set vso Connects = vso Shape. From Connects'For each connection, get the shape it connects to. Name = Mastr Name Full File Name = Path Name & Dirs(Dir Indx) & "\" & Curr File Name Set shp Obj = master Obj. Count 0 Then'For each shape in the selection, get its connections. Name Next vso Connect Set vso Connects = vso Shape. Add Mastr Name = Left(Curr File Name, Len(Curr File Name) - 4) master Obj.

There is no warranty that these are the best solutions, they just work: If you do not find what you want, post a message to the Visio VBA newsgroup microsoft.public.visio.If you would like to contribute a code segment, also post it to the Visio VBA newsgroup.

Name; " connections ="; nrows If nrows 0 Then Shape X = shp Obj.

Print Pos X; " "; Pos YNext i End If Next Shp No End Sub Public Sub Connections List()Dim vso Connect As Visio.

The VBA code below provides'a simple example of analyzing text using Run Begin and Run End. Drop(shp1obj, 4, 5)' Determine its width and height Set cel Obj1 = shp Obj. Cells("Line Color") = 2 ' Colour the line Red - (Black; White; Red; Green; Blue; Yellow)shp Obj. Old Text = Tmp String I = In Str(1, Old Text, Chr(10))Do While I Public Sub Colour_List()Dim Palette Entry As Integer, vcolors As Colors Dim i1 As Integer Dim i2 As Integer Debug.

Draw Rectangle(0, 0, 1, 1.5)' Drop a copy of the rectangle Set shp Obj = Active Page. Draw Oval(local Centx, local Centy Shape Radius, local Centx Shape Radius, local Centy)shp Obj. Text)Private Function Clean Text(Tmp String) As String Dim I As Integer, Old Text As String' Remove the carriage returns.

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