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Creators Rob Mc Elhenney and Glenn Howerton created something completely different in the sitcom world.The show revolves around five narcissistic individuals: Dennis Reynolds (Howerton), Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day), Frank Reynolds (Danny Devito) and Mac (Mc Elhenney).It felt like an old-school, wacky sitcom but with all of the “It’s Always Sunny” humor.The merchandise convention is in town, and the gang is trying to cash in with exclusive Paddy’s Pub products.It starts to get intense as the tasks start to get more obscene, such as Frank needing to eat cake ingredients in a dog kennel.All of that leads to the daunting final challenge: a flip of a coin.Unfortunately, their ideas aren’t the most well thought out.From homemade jihad videos to flaming bags of poop, their “revenge” only seems to land them in trouble with the police.

Charlie and Dee go to their favorite lawyer in town to try to patent their product while Dennis and Mac try to come up with something “cooler.”Their definition of cool includes dick towels, thongs, and guns that shoot booze right into your mouth (all included in a commercial full of half naked women, naturally).When Charlie is frantically running around, it’s filmed like it was done in one continuous take (much like the film One of the only episodes to not be set in Philadelphia provides some of the biggest laughs in the series and takes the gang to the “luxurious” Jersey Shore.Unlike the reality show, it doesn’t have hot people and magical rides like they were expecting.These three different perspectives made for an interesting take on the culture of Jersey Shore.Mac and Frank partied with the stereotypical guidos and fist pumped and took steroids; Charlie experienced the ultimate summer love; and Dee and Dennis unwillingly spent it with murderous thieves.

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