What do men look for in a dating profile first contact email for online dating

Did you nearly become a priest when you were younger? Are you the world’s foremost authority on Venus flytraps?

We guarantee there’s something more interesting in your past than ‘I went to India, and here’s a pic of me where it looks like I’m holding the Taj Mahal.’ Once you find it, you’ll find that online dating is a breeze.

‘Hrm, let me chuck a few photos from Facebook on there…ah, this great old photo with five of my mates…and a couple lines about myself – something about camping, maybe?

I reckon that should be enough to attract the perfect girl.’ WRONG, Cedric.

but instead I’m going to reveal the secrets of what I (and I suspect most women), look for in a man’s dating profile.Compare the contents and information of an online dating profile to the resume and cover letter that one would send as part of a job application.This information is your chance to attract attention and showcase everything that makes you completely “dateable.” If you fail to create a profile adequately reflecting your qualities and strengths as a potential candidate, you could be getting overlooked.This looks good when The Rock does it, but is inadvisable for everybody else. Instead of explaining that brunch sucks because it’s overpriced eggs, talk about the things that you love.Selfies will do in a pinch, but make sure they’re high quality (no blurry gym selfies). Try to remember that no man on earth looks good when he’s being photographed from an angle under the chin. Imagine this: somebody’s reading your bio and it’s just a list of things that you don’t like. ‘This man hates redheaded women, family holidays, people really into Bitcoin, and TV evangelists. Your unreasonable love of geology documentaries – as boring as it may seem- is a much better thing to add to your profile than a list of dislikes.

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